Steps & Stools

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    Step stools provide the extra height needed to tackle chores, hang pictures, invite little helpers into the kitchen, and more. Use a toddler step stool to help your kiddo reach the sink for toothbrushing. Pull out a conveniently stored metal step stool for changing light bulbs, or grab that extra special pan from the tall cabinet with a kitchen step stool. An expertly crafted step stool helps you reach new heights without hassle.

    Different step stools serve many purposes around the home:

    • Folding: Folding step stools provide the right height for hanging decorations and repairing door hinges. Best of all, folding step stools become slim and are easy to store.
    • Wooden: Wood step stools are more permanent fixtures for areas requiring frequent step stool use. Place a sealed wooden step stool in the shower for a relaxing seat during your self-care routine or in the pantry to help kids reach their after-school snack.
    • Kid size: Children's step stools help kids learn new tasks and build independence. A kid size step stool helps them reach the arts and crafts shelf or the kitchen countertop when you’re making cookies together.
    • Toilet: Toilet step stools provide a place to rest your feet in the restroom. These stools help raise your knees above your hips to put you into a squat-like position when going to the bathroom.
    • Pet size: If you have small or aging pets and tall furniture, cat and dog step stools are a great way to give them access to the coziest places in your house. Usually soft or lightweight, pet step stools create an effortless path for dogs, cats, and other family critters.
    • Footstools: Footstools are low stools for resting your feet while sitting. While footstools aren’t generally used to gain access to higher places, they elevate your feet, providing comfort and relief to tired or sore limbs.

    Consider style, height, and intended purpose when looking for a step stool. Sellers on Etsy have curated a large selection, making it simple to find a stool that matches your unique style and needs:

    • Style: Add a vintage step stool to your office for watering hanging plants and a modern step stool to the garage for accessing the highest storage shelf. Use a handmade footstool to kick back and relax with a good book, or a personalized step stool for a whimsical addition to your toddler's bathroom. A cushioned bed step stool will help you get in and out of your extra tall bed.
    • Height: A small step stool gives you just enough height to grab the storage containers off the top of the fridge or reach the top shelf of the linen closet. High step stools make it easy to paint walls and ceilings or hang lights on the porch.