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    Linger over dinner and dine in comfort with a dining room set from a shop on Etsy. Find a set that best suits the size of your space. Have an open floor plan? A long, rustic dining set instantly adds an intimate feeling. Create a classic breakfast nook with a corner dining table and you’ll have a dreamy spot to sip coffee each morning. Pick a high-top dining set for your downstairs bar or casual eating area, or find a durable patio table set for summer dining al fresco.

    To create a one-of-a-kind dining experience, consider a low dining room table that allows guests to sit on, or close to, the floor. Many cultures prefer to sit on the ground when they eat, believing it heightens the connection with the meal and aids in digestion.

    You are where you eat, so make sure to settle on the style of dining set that most suits you. Formal dining room sets create the scene for an upscale dining experience, while rattan dining sets are breezy and easy, ideal for bohemian spreads and family-style service. If you’re looking for something in the middle, mid-century dining sets are refined yet relaxed, and deliver that sweet spot between trendy and timeless style. Rustic dining room sets fit flawlessly with countryside decor or add warmth to an industrial space. If your home is more modern, leave the aesthetic uninterrupted with a glass dining table set.

    Are you living in a cozy apartment? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a dining place to call your own. Many sets can be folded away for storage or widened as needed. An expandable dining table stays compact during weekday breakfasts and extends for Friday pizza nights with friends. With a dining set that offers bench seating on one side, you can place the bench by your front door when not in use and push the table against the wall to maximize floor space. Or, instead of setting up a separate dining area, tuck a pair of bar stools under your kitchen island to create a casual eating area.