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    Adding an island to your kitchen is a great way to maximize both storage and counter space. Whether you're going for a modern look, a farmhouse style, or a rolling design, Etsy sellers design countless handcrafted styles to choose from, including custom islands built precisely to fit your kitchen. You can opt for a classic wood island or a kitchen island with a countertop made from a butcher block or brushed stainless steel for easy food prep. Storage islands include handy storage drawers and shelves. Doubling as a breakfast bar, kitchen islands with seating can conveniently double as dining space when needed.

    Your available kitchen space will help determine whether to choose a small, narrow kitchen island or a large island. Many Etsy sellers also offer custom dimensions if you need a kitchen island that’s designed to perfectly fit your space.

    Also consider how you’ll be using the island. If you're using it as a dining area, be sure there’s room for each person. Also remember to keep enough space between the countertop and your knees for comfortable legroom. If it’s strictly for prep space, a smaller island is likely sufficient.

    When organization is important, look for kitchen islands with storage. A kitchen cart with wheels is wonderful for the expert hostess because you can use it to serve guests in different areas of your home.

    Choosing the right kitchen island for you also comes down to personal style. Those wanting a clean, modern look might go for a white kitchen island. For a rustic look, a wood kitchen island may be the right choice. Love vintage and antique styles? There are lots of vintage kitchen islands to choose from. Whatever your taste, Etsy is the ideal place to find unique kitchen islands to match your style.