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    A banquette is a bench seat that is designed to fit into a specific area—usually along the wall of a room. They give you a convenient, out-of-the-way place to sit, providing the perfect spot in entryways to rest and take off your snowy boots on a winter's day or to sit around the table at mealtime.

    You have a wide array of options when it comes to banquette seating. The right style, texture, and material defines a finely-built banquette. Some of the popular banquette types that you’ll discover include:

    • Fixed banquette seating: Often placed along windowed areas, these benches are built into the structure of a room, giving the space a sense of history and permanence.
    • Free-standing banquettes: When the day comes to rearrange, having a banquette that you can move greatly increases your layout options.
    • Banquette booths: Give an area of your home the feeling of being in a restaurant or diner with two benches set facing each other and a narrow table set between them. A wide-curved upholstered banquette, with a table in the negative space created by the seating is a splendid way to reproduce the ambience of a fine restaurant.
    • Storage banquettes: Some banquette seating comes with built-in storage, with hinged seats that open up to offer a convenient interior bin for stashing extra linens or any other household items you want to keep on hand.
    • L-shaped banquettes: These corner banquettes offer plenty of seating for tables that are tucked into the corner or the kitchen or dining area.

    As diverse as they are useful, there's a stool for every purpose:

    • High-backed stools: Frequently used for seating at dining room counters, stools with backs give additional support for when you need to sit for a long time.
    • Footstools: Not all stools are created for seating. Having a comfy footstool or ottoman is a must for any good armchair, giving you a way to put up your feet and relax after a hard day.
    • Step stools: A handy item to have around the house—especially if you're not that tall—a step stool provides you with an extra 4-12 inches of height, so you can reach the top shelf to grab those candy bars you stashed away for safekeeping.
    • Bar stools: These stools’ longer legs are designed for use with high-top tables or taller counters where you can sit and enjoy a meal or pretend you’re at the pub and have a pint.