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  • Learn More About Bookshelves

    From plants and collectibles to framed photos, bookshelves are so much more than just a place to put your books. In addition to displaying your treasured collections, the style of bookcase you choose can accentuate your style throughout your space.

    • Barrister bookcases ooze old-world charm and work well in libraries, dens, and foyers.
    • Mid-century modern bookshelves with a mix of steel and wood are a welcome addition in bright and airy living spaces.
    • Cane arched bookcases are back in style and blend perfectly with other boho design accents.
    • Geometric bookcases are a creative spin on traditional bookshelves. Because you can mix and match different floating shelves and stacking boxes in a geometric pattern, it’s easy to use this bookcase style for both large and small items by varying the heights.
    • Colorful bookcases are design statements. Be sure to balance them with neutral accessories, black and white photos, or by flipping your books backwards to highlight their white pages instead of adding more color to your display by sharing their spines.
    • Tabletop bookshelves are especially useful in small spaces. These pieces usually feature a few small shelves and can be placed on top of or under a coffee table, side table, or bedside table.