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    A console table is a long, slim table often placed against entryway walls or behind a sofa to provide extra storage and show off your interior design chops. Everyone who enters your house is immediately introduced to your home decor and welcomed by a place to set down belongings and admire family photos and other accents.

    Both console tables and sofa tables are usually found behind the couch, but with one major difference: sofa tables are often lower to meet low-profile sofas. While the average console table stands at around 33 inches high, some can be shorter, allowing console tables and sofa tables to be used interchangeably.

    An end table is a small table usually placed beside sofas or chairs to hold objects like lamps. Coffee tables typically rest in front of a couch and have optional storage possibilities. You’ll often find console tables in hallways with decorative items on top, like a vase or bowl of potpourri. If coffee tables are the entertainment, end tables are the helpful friend holding your drink while you lock eyes with the pretty wallflower console table in the distance.

    Console tables with drawers and storage options keep floors tidy and important items in place. Many consoles have drawers to keep your keys or dog-walking goodies conveniently near the door. Some storage console tables resemble a freestanding shelving unit to double as a bookshelf for items to be displayed or kept for easy access.

    Living room cabinets are freestanding storage gems that add a dimension of character to your home:

    • Storage cabinets: You can use storage cabinets to house all sorts of items around the house. Some have open cupboards to display your hard-earned record collection or sliding barn doors to reveal a miniature library.
    • Corner cabinets: Corner cabinets keep your walls clear for console tables and fill in those hard-to-decorate corners, making the room feel full and lively without taking up much space.
    • Accent cabinets: Transform your living room into a showroom with accent cabinets made from thoughtfully crafted materials and intricate detailing. Latticework over a door pane of glass keeps the displayed contents safe but still partially visible. Use it as a living room bar cabinet to hold the fancy glassware brought out for special occasions.
    • Wall cabinets: For freeing up space on the floor, wall cabinets come in handy. They are like kitchen cabinets—highly customizable in size and style.
    • TV stands and media centers: TV stands and media centers fill in big rooms without adding a bunch of unnecessary furniture. They tend to have a lot of storage inside for your remote controls, video games, and other electronic swag.