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    Whether it’s mid-century modern, glam, rustic, or a mix, your furniture reflects your personal home decor style. Aside from their looks, these essential home and living staples should be as functional as possible in their design to ensure you’re maximizing your space.

    As you begin shopping for new furniture, narrow things down a bit by looking at overall features like shape, material, finish, and color. Once you find a style you like, begin to look at the specifics like the piece’s dimensions and how it’s made. Durability is vital when you’re shopping for new furniture. Sturdy, high-quality furniture is an investment piece, and custom furniture shops on Etsy make well crafted pieces designed to stand the test of time.

    Peruse the shops on Etsy to discover a wide array of furnishings created in unique styles ranging from warm and inviting rustic furniture to sleek and modern silhouettes. Choose pieces that seamlessly tie in with your existing furniture thanks to a similar style and finish. If you want new furniture that instantly fits in with your home’s current look and your lifestyle, pick out pieces in a corresponding material, silhouette, and colorway.

    Choose similar wood tones and shapes to achieve a seamless aesthetic. If you prefer to design a more dramatic and bold interior space, feel free to mix and match furniture in a diverse range of styles for a carefully curated, eclectic look. Try pairing a substantial rustic wooden dining table with a set of upholstered Scandinavian dining chairs on tapered metal legs for a stark, stunning contrast of styles.

    Craving something unique and made just for you? Look for Etsy sellers that make custom furniture to create a one-of-a-kind look in your home.

    Whether it’s comfy living room furniture like sofas and recliners or functional office furniture like desks and bookcases, most furniture falls into a specific decorating style. Here are some of the most sought-after furniture styles:

    • Modern: This furniture is characterized by sleek silhouettes and usually boasts clean lines crafted of materials like glass, metal, and wood. Modern furniture can include new pieces as well as mid-century modern vintage furniture or minimalist Scandinavian furniture designs.
    • Rustic: Rustic furniture is often made of sturdy solid wood with weathered, distressed finishes or repurposed components. This furniture style is usually part of a farmhouse-inspired look but it also works well in a traditional home.
    • Art Deco: Characterized by bold details including geometric shapes, jewel tones, lacquered finishes, and lots of mirrors, Art Deco furniture is inspired by the glamorous styles found throughout the early-to-mid 1900s.
    • Minimalist: Think crisp, clean lines, neutral tones, and stark surfaces that allow the design to shine though. Minimalist furniture looks fresh in sleek, contemporary spaces or as a contrast to an eclectic style.
    • Maximalist: A combination of chic and sleek gives glam furniture its unique look. Think of elements like sparkling crystal button tufting on sofas and mirrored finishes that completely cover bedroom furniture like dressers and armoires.
    • Traditional: This furniture style features a versatile aesthetic that easily fits well with most homes. Traditional furniture often has solid wood construction, intricate details, and subtle colors and patterns that easily incorporate into almost any space.
    • Industrial: Industrial furniture tends to combine materials like wood and metal, and it’s often found in loft-style homes or modern spaces. This furniture style gets its inspiration from a more utilitarian design and may include components like exposed brick, metal gears, and upcycled wood.
    • Transitional: A stylish blend of modern and traditional elements is what gives transitional furniture its distinctive look. If you’re looking for something that’s comfortable and functional with a subtle modern twist, transitional furniture is an excellent choice.

    Each room in your home has a specific purpose, so look for pieces of furniture that elevate the space while adding functionality.

    • Entryway furniture: Deigned to make a good first impression, this furniture is perfect for your home’s entryway or foyer. Console tables, benches, and hall trees with hooks for coats and purses are good options to make your entryway both attractive and functional.
    • Dining room furniture: When you’re shopping for dining room furniture], a roomy table and a set of comfortable chairs will define the space. Add some storage by incorporating a large buffet, low-profile sideboard, or tall cabinet with a hutch for your drinkware, table linens, plates, and silverware.
    • Living room furniture: Furniture like sofas, accent chairs, coffee tables, and storage is a must for living rooms. Explore comfy pieces that will make your living room the best place to relax, including chairs and ottomans adorned in upholstery styles like lush, colorful velvet and luxurious leather.
    • Bedroom furniture: Every bedroom needs a comfortable bed, but storage is also essential. Place a pair of nightstands on each side of the bed for visual symmetry and storage of small items. Dressers, chests, and wardrobes provide a place for your favorite clothing and accessories. Kids’ furniture is often designed on a somewhat smaller scale.
    • Office furniture: If you have a home office, furnish it with a stylish desk, a comfortable desk chair, and a bookcase for additional storage and display. Give your favorite storage pieces a makeover with unique drawer knobs and pulls for a fun furniture update on a budget.

    Proper care and maintenance will prolong the life of your furniture faves. Dust wood furniture regularly and wipe up spills immediately to prevent permanent marks from being left behind. Give your leather furniture some TLC with special leather treatments designed to keep the material soft and supple.

    Avoid placing colorful furnishings in areas of the home that are exposed to direct sunlight, as it could cause the beautiful colors to fade over time. When it comes to upholstered pieces, blot spills using a soft, absorbent cloth. Remove stains using upholstery-safe products or mix a bit of white vinegar with some warm water, spray the spot, and gently wipe it away.

    Protect your outdoor patio furniture by keeping it in storage during the off-season.