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    Home appliances help us save time, keep households running efficiently, and are general life savers. On Etsy, you’ll find a wide range of appliances made for all sorts of tasks, plus innovative and creative accessories for your everyday appliances designed to make life just a bit easier and definitely more stylish! Browse the small shops to discover the right home appliance for you or to give as a useful and thoughtful gift for friends and family.

    From microwave ovens to vintage stoves and ice boxes, you’ll find all sorts of retro large appliances to bring some old-fashioned charm to your space.

    When temperatures spike or drop, browse the sellers on Etsy to discover a variety of fans and heaters to keep you and your family comfortable. From pedestal fans to ceiling fans and portable fans, keep summer heat at bay with a new or vintage fan. Electric heaters and water heaters can keep you cozy when the weather turns cold.

    Want to add a little nostalgia to your kitchen, rec room, or family room? You’ll also find plenty of vintage and antique appliances like retro refrigerators, soda dispensers, and other old-fashioned gizmos.

    Whether you’re looking for a stand or hand mixer to blend ingredients for your baking masterpieces or a waffle maker so you can enjoy a delicious, freshly made breakfast, you’ll find a wide range of small kitchen appliances on Etsy designed for all kinds of culinary tasks.

    Browse a variety of coffee and tea makers, kettles, and teapots to make your favorite cup of joe or brew a steaming mug of tea.

    Search for the right iron and steamer to keep your clothes neatly pressed and wrinkle-free. Or, if you want to add some old-fashioned decor to your laundry room, you’ll discover plenty of antique and vintage irons and garment gadgets you can use just for show.

    Want to know what the weather is up to? Browse Etsy and discover a world of weather instruments. Keep tabs on the temperature indoors or outdoors with a wall thermometer, or hang a barometer outside your kitchen window to predict the probability of rain.

    On Etsy, you’ll find appliance decals in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to add personality, creativity, and style to your everyday home appliances.

    Dress up your fridge or oven with decorative decals and novelty magnets to match your kitchen decor or show off your silly side. Add decals to mixers, pressure cookers, toasters, and other countertop appliances to make kitchen counter spaces visually interesting and fun. Or use decals to transform your vacuum cleaner or washer and dryer into works of art. Discover all sorts of appliance decals to suit your mood and interests, or work with an artisan on Etsy to create custom decals for one-of-a-kind appeal.