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    Wax melts are a wick-free alternative to scented candles. They are pieces of wax—typically soy or gel wax—that fill your home with a strong fragrance when slowly heated. You can select a decorative wax melt warmer or a wax melt burner to use with the wax melts.

    Scented wax melts come in many shapes, colors, and fragrances, including holiday-themed scents like pumpkin spice and Christmas wax melts in scents like candy cane, spiced apple, cinnamon, and gingerbread.

    Gel wax melts, also called jelly wax melts, are an alternative to traditional soy wax melts. Similar to gel candles, gel wax melts are made from a mixture of polymer resin and mineral oil, and can provide powerful scents and unique aromas.

    Yes, you can absolutely reuse wax melts. They do not evaporate like traditional candles, so you can reuse them until their scent disappears. Just plug in your wax melter and enjoy the inviting scent for hours at a time.