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    Throw pillows offer a quick and easy way to elevate your décor and create a cozy corner in your home. They make the perfect addition to living rooms, bedrooms, and sitting areas, and they’re easy to update as the seasons change.

    Some simple pillow swaps can make a big impact in your space, whether you’re adding a bold, decorative pillow or an understated set of linen pillows for a rustic farmhouse touch.

    The key to well-styled couch pillows is creating a space that feels inviting. By layering different sizes and complementary colors, you can create a collection of pillows that’s also easy to add to over time. Begin by arranging large pillows toward the outer edges of your sofa and then layering smaller pillows in front and around them. Add a few round or bolster couch pillows to create another dimension to your display.

    Decorative pillows come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, so don't be afraid to think outside the box as you browse for your next perfect pillow pick.

    Classic styles are often made of cotton, linen, and other natural fibers and come in standard shapes like square, rectangle, oblong, and round. Striped, paisley, checked, patchwork, or plaid accent pillows in these traditional shapes can bring a bit of preppy, Americana flair to kitchens, porches, and sunrooms.

    Vintage throw pillows add a one-of-a-kind element to your space because they’re often only available in a limited quantity. They may show light signs of wear, which further adds to their vintage charm.

    If you’ve got a clear picture in your mind about what types of pillows will work best in your space, a custom decorative pillow from a small shop on Etsy could be the perfect solution. These decorative pillows may be knitted, crocheted, hand stitched, or printed with highly personalized designs like your monogram or a significant date to reflect any style. Choosing a custom pillow from Etsy means you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate directly with the designer on the size and overall aesthetic look of the pillows.

    Leather and suede throw pillows are sophisticated, timeless, and durable choices for high-traffic areas. Not only will these pillows withstand fraying, matting, and other signs of wear, they're easy to clean and can offer a hint of rustic appeal to your living areas.