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    Decorative tiles provide a splash of color, depth, or general pizzazz to rooms in need of some aesthetic TLC. Rather than pasting on finicky wallpaper or splurging on expensive paneling, tile decor offers a flexible, customizable, and long-lasting way to revamp your spaces. These accent tiles commonly come in marble, wood, mosaic, and classic ceramic to fit plenty of budget and styling needs.

    Whether you’re decorating a small powder room or your entire ceiling, you’ll find decorative tiles in a range of styles and materials. Find your tile-style inspo with these types of decorative tiles:

    • Decorative ceiling tiles: Whether it’s acoustic-friendly styrofoam ceiling tiles or antique ceiling tiles that transport your guests back to the elegant parlors of the 18th century, sellers on Etsy outdo themselves with an impressive range of decorative tiles. For drab ceilings, use decorative ceiling tiles as a middle centerpiece to create a fun focal point.
    • Decorative wall tiles: Whether 3D tiles that pop right off the wall, hand-painted ceramic tiles that form a cohesive scene, custom tiles that complement your one-of-a-kind decor—you’ll find all these tile types plus more decorative backsplashes to transform the rooms of your home.
    • Decorative bathroom tiles: From shower tiles that mimic mermaid scales to floor tiles that look as though you’re walking across a pebbled beach (without the messiness of real-life sand), decorative bathroom tiles elevate your powder room with minimal time investment on your end. Even adding a simple row of tiles behind your sink effortlessly takes your bathroom from bland to breathtaking.

    The benefits of using tiles in your home or at your business are plentiful. More specifically, here are some of the reasons to love decorative accent tiles:

    • Durability: Many tiles are scratch-resistant, hard to smudge, and even harder to crack, withstanding even high-traffic areas with ease. When properly installed, some tiles are built to last a lifetime.
    • Versatility: Use them in the kitchen, to upgrade your shower scene, or as a backdrop for your fireplace. Endless design options mean that no matter what style or material you’re looking for, you’ll find it from the shops on Etsy.
    • Originality: There’s no end to the ways you can decorate with tiles, whether you use them in traditional ways or think outside the box. Scatter ceramic tiles throughout your garden beds for a colorful mosaic look, or use a hand-painted tile as a coaster to hold your favorite coffee cup and add a pop of pattern to your living room—the decor possibilities are endless.

    Changing your flooring can be a fun and exciting process that transforms an entire space to meet your vision. Consider these popular types of tiles when exploring which patterns and materials are right for you:

    • Ceramic floor tiles are typically made of porcelain or terracotta and are very water resistant when installed properly. Tie in your shower curtain and bathroom towels to your new floor mosaic with solid colors or various designs to choose from.
    • Garage floor tiles are often made of porcelain, PVC, or EVA foam that snaps together. Whether you’re popping the hood to tinker with the engine or just pulling in to park, these tiles protect your garage from oil spills and leaks. They can even double as a comfortable flooring option for pumping iron in your home gym.
    • If your DIY side isn’t feeling up to snuff, consider peel-and-stick floor tiles to achieve a tile-like look with an easier installation process—no grout necessary.