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    Just like the rest of your holiday decor, Christmas ornaments can be made of all different kinds of materials like metal, wood, fabric, felt, resin, glass, and plastic. Many ornaments include multiple materials, and they may also include a metal hook or string to be used when hanging it from your tree. Vintage ornaments specifically are often made from glass or wood. Unique Christmas ornaments often feature other materials like glitter or feathers.

    Some of the most popular styles of Christmas ornaments include angels, gingerbread men, the 12 Days of Christmas, Santa, and reindeer. Personalized Christmas ornaments, baby’s first Christmas designs, and ornaments for your first married Christmas are a popular gift and decoration idea. It’s fun to pull these special pieces of memorabilia out year after year as you decorate.

    Ornaments come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. Globe ornaments are one of the most traditional Christmas designs and can often be decorated with glitter and metallic accents. If you’re celebrating a significant milestone, consider a Christmas ornament with a spot to add a special photo. You’ll also find Christmas ornaments in many different sizes, from mini designs that are under an inch to oversized crystal pieces that reflect your tree lights.

    You may opt to keep all your ornaments in the same color family, or you can create a multicolored masterpiece on your tree by mixing and matching. Some popular ornament color combinations include black and white, red and green, and jewel tones like purple, navy, and green. Red and white ornaments can be combined and tie in nicely with candy canes, too. You can mix and match colors, or you can choose one hue and deck your tree in it from top to bottom.