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The difference between wall decals and wall stickers

Wall decals and wall stickers can both be personalized to create a custom design for your wall. Typically, both are meant to be semi-permanent and can be removed or repositioned later. It’s a good idea to check the listing details to confirm the seller’s recommendations for installation and removal. Wall decals and wall stickers are a great choice to make a temporary change when you’re renting or plan to redecorate again in the future. For example, baby nursery wall decals are a creative way to decorate a nursery because they can be removed when you’re ready to transition to big kid room decor. Family decals for walls are a popular pick and often these designs can incorporate a family tree where you can add family members’ names. As your family grows, you can work with an Etsy seller to add more names and branches as needed.

What types of wall decals and murals can you find on Etsy?

From simple, geometric patterns that look like wallpaper to fantastic designs with magical animals, you’ll find all different types of wall decals and murals on Etsy. Family decals and other custom wall decals are top choices when you want something personal on your walls. Family decals can depict your name, a family tree, a special saying, or other customizations. These decals are commonly used in living rooms, hallways, and dining rooms. For kids’ rooms, custom wall decals depicting the child’s name, favorite hobby, jersey number, or other personalized designs are common choices. You can select the size, font, and color for these custom wall decals.