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    If you don’t have space for a traditional bookcase, wall shelving is a practical solution for storing and displaying all those beautiful decorative pieces you’ve collected through the years. Decorative wall shelves can be used to display different decor items and are often beautiful in their own right. Functional shelves are often used for bulk storage and often favor function over form. Wall shelves can be a helpful addition in every room in your home, from holding cookware in the kitchen to organizing sheets and towels in a closet to displaying prized family pictures.

    Depending on your needs, there are many different types of shelves that can help you get organized and add a decorative flair to your space. Most importantly, consider what you’ll be placing on your shelf and ensure you choose a design that’s made to hold that much weight. Next, pick the type of shelf that best fits your needs. You’ll find all different kinds of wall shelves handcrafted by Etsy sellers just for you.

    • Floating shelves are mounted directly to the wall without any visible brackets, hooks, or wires. The lack of extra hardware makes them great for small spaces where you want to maintain a minimalist look.
    • Fixed bracket shelves are mounted using an L- or triangle-shaped bracket to support the shelf.
    • Hanging shelves are usually hung from a point of suspension rather than being supported from below with a bracket. These shelves often feature rope or leather support straps, which can add to your room’s decor.
    • Corner shelves are a great storage solution in small rooms. They fit into a corner where two walls meet and may feature an arched edge.

    Wall shelves can be made from a wide range of materials with the most common choices being wood or glass. You’ll also find metal shelves and interesting reclaimed materials from small shops on Etsy. Some shelf designs may feature mixed materials, like pipe shelves which feature metal pipes as supports and a wood or glass shelf placed on top.

    Depending on your decor style, you may want a wall shelf in a specific color. For Scandinavian-inspired and modern spaces, white shelves and other neutral hues like blush, gray, and tan keep things looking contemporary. In kids’ rooms, bright shelves in colors like red, yellow, green, and blue add a pop of color and are great for storing books and toys. Many shops on Etsy offer several different color options for their shelf designs. Looking for a specific color or design? It’s easy to message a seller and request a custom color.