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    When you think of wall decor, the first thing that comes to mind is often pictures or paintings, but there are so many other ideas that can bring your space to life. Vertical spaces can also be spruced up with mirrors, hanging sculptures, woven pieces and a variety of styles of wall hangings. Decorative floating shelves can be a pretty and practical addition to your wall decor collection because you can then add vases, candles, and pottery within your vertical space.

    Don’t be afraid to think beyond the traditional gallery wall elements as you design your space. Pictures and paintings are a great starting point; then look for ways to bring in some unique wall decor that adds 3D flair with textured wall hangings or flat-woven round baskets to break up all those frame corners.

    The wall decor that you choose to display in your home can change the look and atmosphere of your room. When choosing wall decor for your spaces, look for items that complement your existing interior design choices, like the current color scheme and aesthetics. Sticking to a few common colors or materials helps create a cohesive look. Narrow hallways, studio apartments, and entryways are a great spot to hang a mirror to reflect light back and make spaces seem more spacious.

    Living room wall decor with welcoming images can be used to create an inviting space for entertaining. Bedrooms are a place of rest, so soft colors and peaceful images can create an atmosphere you’ll love relaxing in.

    Adding some bright, modern designs and motivational quotes to your office wall decor can create a workspace filled with personality.

    If you love clean, classic, and intricate details, look for traditional wall art that harkens back to the Renaissance period with ornate frames and highly detailed patterns or scrollwork. Elegant wall decor pieces that feature gold accents, crystalline frames, or other elements that denote traditional sophistication can make a serious statement, too.

    Rustic wall decor is another great place to start your search. This style of wall decor often features wood, mason jars as accents, and distressed lettering. For more modern spaces, opt for minimalist wall decor options with clean lines, metal accents, and simple color palettes.

    Embrace your inner artist with abstract wall art that playfully incorporates shapes, bold colors, and geometric forms. Canvases with these designs can add depth and interest to large, open-wall spaces. Or look for 3D, metal wall decor to give your space even more dimension!

    Your wall art can also serve a practical purpose, like providing a happy home for your plants with decorative wall planters. Bathrooms can be a good fit for these small planters since many plants will enjoy the humid environment.