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    You can choose a wreath style to match your home’s decor or to celebrate the season. When selecting a wreath for the front door, it’s a great idea to pick a color that will complement your home’s exterior color without blending into the door. This helps your wreath stand out. Seasonal picks like winter wreaths, fall wreaths, summer wreaths, and Christmas wreaths can be customized to include your favorite colors and special accents. If you’d like your wreath to be visible at night, consider a lighted wreath style. Wreaths often include florals, leaves, stems, and other botanical elements but you can customize them to feature initials or fun seasonal details, too. Mesh wreaths are a stylish alternative and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Can’t decide on just one door wreath style? You can place a wreath on the inside of your door, on a wall, or on your fireplace mantel, too, and enjoy it all day long.

    Etsy sellers design all different styles of seasonal and everyday wreaths for front doors or inside your home. You’ll find traditional and nontraditional wreath styles. Mesh wreaths are a popular alternative to traditional styles and you can select the ribbon style, colors, and special accents like initials, flowers, and more. These wreaths can be designed to feature seasonal decorations for fall, winter, spring, or summer. Lighted wreaths are a popular pick so that your wreath is visible at night and are especially popular as holiday decorations. Many of the wreath designs from Etsy sellers can be customized to match your home decor. You can often select the style of the wreath, accent colors, types of flowers and stems, bow styles, and personalized accents like your last name or initial.