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    Home decor (or home decoration) is all the different design elements that come together to give your space a unique sense of character. Examples of home decor include wall art, throw pillows, plants, and candles. The textiles in your space, like rugs and throw blankets, can also add to the atmosphere you’re creating. The process of choosing home decor is called decorating or interior design.

    Home decor ideas often come from pictures of other spaces, travel, the latest trends, and, of course, your personal style. Your favorite home decor websites like Etsy can also be an excellent source of ideas. Ultimately, decor is an expression of your personal tastes, interests, and values.

    When it comes to decorating your space, there are many popular types of home decor items you can use to bring your vision to life. Once you’ve settled on your design style (or styles!), begin selecting accessories like:

    • Wall decor: A single large piece or a gallery grouping of many different home decor ideas is a quick way to decorate a large wall and instantly make a design statement.
    • Mirrors: If you’re decorating a small house, mirrors make spaces feel larger and brighter.
    • Picture frames: Curate a collection of family photos and mix in digital prints, custom illustrations, and art photography shot by independent artists.
    • Candles: Instantly set the tone in a room by adding elegant taper candles or a cluster of pillar or jar candles.
    • Throw pillows: Add instant color, texture, and comfort to your furniture, and make simple seasonal swaps to keep things feeling fresh.
    • Floral arrangements: Bring a natural element into your space by displaying blooms in indoor planters and vases.
    • Mobiles: Hung in a baby nursery, a mobile adds whimsy to the space while keeping this home decor idea out of reach of tiny hands.
    • Clocks: Both practical and pretty to behold, clocks can be hung on walls, leaned on a shelf, or tucked on a nightstand.
    • Fireplace screens: Balance a mantle display with a decorative fireplace screen, and enjoy the added bonus of concealing a cluttered hearth.

    Your overall decorating style guides you as you shop for home decor. Popular home decor styles each have their own signature look and feel:

    • Rustic home decor emphasizes a lived-in feel and natural materials, while country and farmhouse styles embrace simplicity and distressed finishes.
    • Modern home decor creates a minimalist aesthetic featuring simple, clean lines.
    • Boho decor embraces a mix of eclectic home decor with different textures, patterns, and influences.
    • Gothic decor is defined by its dramatic flair and moody mysticism.
    • Coastal decor draws inspiration from the beach and sea with a muted color palette and soft textures.
    • Scandinavian decor focuses on functional furnishings and a minimalism mindset.
    • ’70s decor emphasizes the timeless charm of vintage home decor and unexpected patterns.

    As you shop for home decor, there are a few simple things to keep in mind:

    • Size: The 2/3 rule in decorating says decor should be two-thirds the width of the space it’s in. Check the listing details to confirm the item’s size, and if you’re in need of a custom size, it’s simple to message a seller directly on Etsy.
    • Season: Get more use out of your home decor items by choosing seasonal pieces instead of holiday pieces. For example, Valentine’s home decor is in February, but spring home decor can be used for several months and into the summer.
    • Style: Align pieces with your personal style to ensure they’ll blend with other decor you already own. This also lets you move pieces around in your home when it’s time to redecorate.
    • Space: Consider the way a room is used before you decorate it. Living room decor like cozy throws and table lamps set the stage for entertaining, while home gym decor will likely be motivational and feature stylish storage solutions.
    • Simplicity: As you decorate, avoid introducing too many different design styles at once. If you’re following a home decor trend in your space, focus on choosing similar textures, materials, and finishes to create a cohesive collection.

    Finding unique and affordable home decor is easy when you shop on Etsy. The marketplace makes it easy to find all kinds of well-crafted and vintage home decor items and purchase directly from makers. Connect with artisans from around the world, and find the perfect piece to add to your collection, no matter your budget.

    Pick home decor ideas that can transition easily between seasons, like choosing a bright throw pillow for summer that’s soft and cozy as fall decor, too. Avoid overdecorating, too. Look for pieces throughout your home that you can borrow for the space you’re decorating.

    To decorate a small home on a budget, focus on multifunctional pieces. Hang a framed mirror as home wall decor; it doubles as a way to check your reflection and makes a small space feel more open. Baskets offer an attractive way to store electronics, linens, and toys out of sight while adding natural texture to your space.

    As a place where your loved one spends quite a bit of time, a home decor gift is always a thoughtful choice. If you’re uncertain of their interior design style, reach for affordable home decor like a candle as a housewarming gift idea. Or choose one of these popular home decor gifts: