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    Your home is your haven, and sometimes a little DIY project is just what it needs to look its best. Perhaps general wear and tear has happened over time, or it’s time for a little update to your home’s overall aesthetic. Maybe your new house has a few questionable design features you’d like to rectify. Or, maybe you just need a change—no explanation necessary. No matter what sort of task you’re looking to tackle, from a minor repair or touch-up to a full-scale renovation, sellers on Etsy have the items you’ll need to put those beautiful finishing touches on your space.

    To bring a new look to a room, consider updating your flooring. A new floor, whether carpet, tile, or hardwood, can add value to your space as well as warmth and sophistication. Put the finishing touches on a room by adding fresh baseboards or molding and trim around doors and windows. Walls need a touch up? Etsy sellers have fillers and spackling to fill unwanted holes.

    Ladders and stepstools help you reach high places but can also be used as decorative items once your project wraps. You’ll find all sorts of tools and hardware for your home renovations, as well as cleaning supplies for making your space shine afterwards.

    Whether you’re looking to make a cosmetic update with a new sink or basin, or you need to repair a clog or leak, browse plumbing supplies from the shops on Etsy. You’ll find decorative options for pipes and fittings and a variety of faucets, handles, and showerheads to give your bathroom an instant upgrade.

    Updating lighting can quickly bring a whole new vibe to your space without embarking upon a heavy-duty renovation. Lamps, shades, and chandeliers can make a room feel brighter, warmer, or more romantic, depending on the finished result you want and the style you choose.

    Doors are an important but sometimes overlooked home feature. Your front door is an important part of a visitor’s first impression, and inside doors are important design elements that provide both privacy and a design accent. If you need to replace a door or lock, spruce up your door with a new door knob or pull, or add new trim and address numbers on the front porch, Etsy sellers have a solution.