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  • Learn More About Bakeware

    No matter what kind of delicious baked goods you plan to make, there is bakeware designed to help with the task. On Etsy, you’ll find all kinds of bakeware for your needs and projects—from cake pans for sky-high, multitiered cakes to baking pans to create classic, delicious squares and cookies.

    Muffin and cupcake tins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials such as aluminum or silicone, allowing you to bake mini muffins or giant cupcakes for work celebrations and at-home snacks and treats.

    Cookie sheets come in various sizes and materials. Choose from large and small sheets to accommodate batches of your favorite chocolate-chip cookies, or find trays with shapes such as gingerbread men and other designs to make decorative cookies.

    You’ll also find plenty of other bakeware, such as loaf pans to make sweet or savory breads, intricately designed bundt pans for ornamental bundt cakes, and and personalized pie plates. When you’re ready to try your hand at shaped cakes, the sellers at Etsy have you covered with novelty and character cake pans.

    In addition to bakeware, you’ll likely want some handy bakeware accessories to help with your culinary creations. Choose from a variety of mixing bowls to stir up your ingredients.

    Use baking mats to protect your countertops and other kitchen surfaces from hot pans, sheets, and other bakeware. It’s a good idea to have a cooling rack at the ready to allow your freshly baked goods to cool properly.

    If you enjoy making your own pizza or know someone who does, the sellers on Etsy have all sorts of pizza stones and paddles for baking pizzas in a wood-fired or conventional oven. Pizza stones and paddles are available in a variety of designs and materials, or work with an artisan on Etsy to create custom and personalized versions to give as gifts.