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    A casserole dish is a deep, oven-safe pan with high sides. More than just a vessel for your mom’s classic comfort dish, casserole dishes are a versatile kitchen accessory for cooking pot roasts, baked pasta, soufflés, and desserts. Casserole dish sets with varying sizes and matching patterns help you create flavorful foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the special moments in between.

    There are many kinds of casserole dishes to choose from, each tailored to specific types of foods and uses. Consider shape and size as two important factors in picking the perfect dish:

    The material of a casserole dish plays a crucial role in its ability to conduct and retain heat:

    A good casserole dish elevates your recipes and makes everything from meal prep to mealtime a snap. Some helpful features to consider are:

    • Handles: Casserole dishes are heavy pieces of kitchen equipment that can be difficult to hold or transport when hot. Many casserole dish handles are made of the same material as the dish, creating a seamless design. Some dishes include raised metal handles meant to cool down faster.
    • Lids: Consider what function you want a lid to serve when looking for a covered casserole dish. A heavy, oven-safe lid keeps your mac and cheese from over-browning. A flexible, dishwasher-safe lid creates a tight seal for quick storage.
    • Cleaning and care: Knowing the care instructions for your casserole dish can save a lot of hassle during cleanup. Many casserole dishes are dishwasher-safe, but they’re also prone to stuck-on messes that may require additional scrubbing. If you need to handwash your casserole dish, consider a dish scrubber to make the job easier.

    Bakeware tells a story of love, community, and tradition. For many home chefs, a kitchen tool received as a gift becomes a cherished heirloom destined for the pantries and cabinets of the generations ahead. Give a personalized casserole dish as a wedding gift with the couple’s monogram etched into the bottom, or a vintage casserole dish as a housewarming present to celebrate a young adult’s first apartment. They’ll look forward to making special memories around the table for years to come.