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    There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing a cutting board. For starters, how will you be using your cutting board? Typical edge grain wooden cutting boards are great for chopping vegetables (as are over the sink cutting boards), but not recommended for raw meats and seafood because they may absorb and retain liquids and odors, making them tricky to disinfect safely. Instead, consider a butcher block cutting board. Meanwhile, marble cutting boards aren't ideal for chopping because of their ultra-slick surfaces, but they're excellent for prepping baked goods, such as dough.

    Next, consider how often you will use the board for chopping. The more you use a knife, the more often it needs to be sharpened. As a general rule, the harder a cutting board's surface, the faster it dulls knives. A glass cutting board could lead to more frequent knife sharpening than a bamboo cutting board. Cutting boards also double as excellent serving trays. If you plan to use yours for this purpose, consider hardwoods like a walnut cutting board or a marble cutting board. You can even get a beautiful engraved cutting board you can display on the counter between uses.

    Finally, consider how often your cutting board will need to be cleaned. Some, like a plastic cutting board, can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. For other materials, like wood cutting boards or marble cutting boards, hand washing is usually recommended. Wood cutting boards also typically need to be treated regularly with food-safe mineral oil.

    Many sellers on Etsy offer personalized cutting boards, adding a unique touch to your kitchen. They also make wonderful wedding and housewarming gifts. Available in a wide variety of styles and woods, the cutting boards can be engraved with names, wedding dates, initials, and other details. You can even get a personalized cutting board with a favorite family recipe.