• Learn More About Bowls

    From exquisitely handcrafted designs to vintage dishes from yesteryear, discover all the different types of bowls available from small shops on Etsy. Many bowls can be used somewhat interchangeably, but these dashing dishes are a great place to start your collection.

    • Mixing bowls: A cook’s kitchen is not complete without a good set of mixing bowls. A set of nesting bowls in various sizes is also an essential tool for baking.
    • Serving bowls: From intricately hand-thrown ceramic bowls that make a statement on your dining room table to everyday dinnerware, a stylish serving bowl is the perfect side dish.
    • Salad bowls: Often a bit wider with sloped sides, salad bowls are designed for easy tossing of greens.
    • Soup bowls: Designed from thick ceramic to better hold in heat, soup bowls come in many sizes and designs.
    • Pasta bowls: Pasta bowls are often wide and shallow, to allow room for tossing the pasta with the sauce.
    • Popcorn bowls: These big bowls are perfect for sharing as you snuggle on the couch for movie night.
    • Punch bowls: Elevate your next party spread with a large decorative bowl for punch, eggnog, and other festive beverages.
    • Dog bowls: Don’t forget Fido! Feed and water your favorite furry companion with a stylish bowl personalized just for them by an Etsy seller.

    The way you’ll use your bowl often influences its ideal material. Fortunately, artisans on Etsy design bowls of all kinds, from hand-thrown ceramics to decorative bowls made with sustainable materials.

    • Glass bowls: Clear or colored, glass bowls are very useful for baking prep because it’s easy to see when your ingredients have been properly mixed.
    • Ceramic bowls: These make fun cereal bowls, soup bowls, or serving bowls. They can range from handmade and painted designs to elegant china bowls](https://www.etsy.com/market/china_bowls). Many sellers on Etsy offer personalized bowls, which make excellent wedding and housewarming gifts.
    • Pottery bowls: Artisans on Etsy can create all kinds of beautiful pottery bowls for organizing everything from keys to rings to other trinkets.
    • Wood bowls: Wooden bowls are a popular choice for salad. Look for hardwoods like cherry, maple, and black walnut.
    • Metal bowls: Stainless steel and copper metal bowls are great for mixing, particularly when it comes to egg whites and batters.