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  • Learn More About Plates

    When you’re hosting a dinner party or organizing a special event like a wedding or bridal shower, charger plates add an additional layer of flair and sophistication. Chargers are typically placed on top of the placemat or tablecloth and under the dinner dish as a decorative plate. If you’re serving buffet-style and won’t have dinner plates on the table, adding an elegant gold charger is a nice way to complete each place setting. Add a linen napkin in a simple napkin ring on top of the charger and a sweet name card for a simple shower or birthday setup. Etsy sellers have designed all different sizes, shapes, and colors of charger plates, including traditional round plates and modern acrylic plates. You’ll also find a wide range of vintage charger plates. Since these items are antiques and only available in limited quantities, consider mixing and matching several different styles or add in some rustic wooden chargers for a garden party or shower.

    A plate set typically includes a dinner plate and a salad plate. Some sets also include additional pieces like bowls and bread plates. Whether you opt for matching plate sets or prefer to blend a few different styles for an eclectic mix of dinner plates, you’ll find many different styles of rustic, modern, and vintage plate sets available from Etsy sellers.

    Setting your holiday table with themed dishes adds a hint of magic to your celebration. Discover a selection of holiday designs, including Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving plate sets. Using these themed dishes year after year on your table will be a treasured memory for your family. Birthday plates can be used to celebrate each special birthday in your home.

    Your dinner plates can express your personal style when you shop directly from small businesses on Etsy. You’ll find many unusual dinner sets with fun colors, designs, and accents. Stone plates often feature unique designs and color palettes, making them a great option when you want a conversation-starting piece that brings your vision for your space to life.

    Handmade plates often feature hand-painted details, whether it’s a glaze over the entire plate or delicately drawn details like flowers and geometric borders. These hand-painted plates often come in standard sizes, but when you shop from independent artisans on Etsy you’ll find many different organic shapes. These small differences in each hand-thrown and hand-painted plate make for truly one-of-a-kind plate sets.

    From traditional Japanese hand-painted Nippon plates and funky spotted plates to floral designs and classic blue patterned plates, these dishes make every meal memorable.