Salt & Pepper Shakers

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    Salt and pepper shakers make it easy to use two essential seasonings for everyday use. Not only do these handy shakers serve a functional purpose, but they add a personal touch to your kitchen, too. Why not add a little life to your cooking space with (vintage salt and pepper shakers)[] on a decorative tray? Novelty salt and pepper shakers add character and charm to your kitchen table, while minimalist shakers keep things simple.

    Glass salt and pepper shakers do double duty, adding to your aesthetic while giving a clear look inside. Or, color code your shakers with a black shaker for pepper and a white one for salt. 2-in-1 shakers clear up counter space, grinding fresh peppercorns on the bottom and dispensing salt from the top.

    In North America, salt shakers usually have fewer holes than pepper shakers, while in parts of Europe, salt shakers have more. Shakers are often labeled with an ‘S’ or ‘P’ or have some other type of marking to distinguish them. Some sets offer the salt in a shaker while the pepper is dispensed from a grinder.

    Take mini-sized salt and pepper shakes on the road to a grassy park, a view of the city, and a picnic basket packed for two. Bring along a blanket and your favorite beverage and enjoy a meal under the sun (or the stars).

    Mini salt and pepper shakers are also perfect when you’re packing light for a camping trip or want to tuck your go-to seasonings into your bagged lunch at work.

    Want to add to your collection of shakers but don’t need any more salt and pepper? Use your next set to hold other seasonings like cinnamon and paprika, or mix up a batch of your favorite herb blend and keep it next to the stove. Store sprinkles in a pair of shakers to make decorating baked goods as easy as pie. Add a couple of shakers to your craft table and dispense shimmer and shine while saving your hands from a glitter bath.