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    Whether you’re guzzling down a coffee on the road or sipping a fine cocktail, your drinkware can affect the enjoyment of what you pour inside. Some drinkware adds formality and a sense of togetherness, while select barware intensifies the finer complexities in your drink. Start your day with a smile by sipping from a custom coffee mug tailored to you, or close out the evening with a drink from a personalized etched glass. Whether you’re meeting friends for afternoon tea or hosting a formal dinner for the whole family, you can find custom-made drinkware from shops on Etsy to match your occasion and style.

    If glassware is your chalice of choice for all things hot or cold, it’s important to keep a collection of sizes and styles handy.

    Mugs, tea cups, and tea sets are often made from ceramic to keep your beverage warm and have handles so you can hold the cup without burning your fingers.

    If a hot beverage isn’t your thing, juice glasses make great additions to breakfast settings. For slower mornings when you have a bit more time, grab a juicer and create your own blend of freshly squeezed flavor.

    Glassware for home bars typically features designs meant to enhance the characteristics of particular drinks. From martinis to margaritas, cocktails have unique glassware designed to accommodate the drinks’ flavor profiles, alter the appearance, and change the drinking experience. For example, most cocktails served without ice are chilled to perfection using a cocktail shaker or stirred with a bar spoon before being poured into a stemmed glass so your hand won’t warm the cocktail as you drink.

    The same is true for wine and wine glasses. White wine is served chilled in a high-stemmed wine glass with a smaller mouth to preserve the aromas inside and help the drink stay cool. A red wine glass has a wider bowl meant to be held to let both the heat from your hand and more air interact with the wine, softening the flavors and bringing out nuances and complexity. Champagne flutes are tall and slim to help form and concentrate the bubbles, keeping them around longer and giving off the visual effect you love when celebrating with friends.

    If shakers aren't your thing, you can always rely on a trusty pint glass or stein for an evening brew. Make it an evening affair and invite friends over to sample new craft recipes with a drink flight that includes a set of glasses and a serving tray.

    Serving vessels make it easy to serve multiple guests and add a touch of decor to table settings. Make it special by choosing a design from a small shop on Etsy and plunk down a refreshing pitcher of sweet tea after a hard day of work.

    For intimate occasions and smaller gatherings, bring out the better stuff. Decant aged vintages or use a decanter for spirits to accent the top of your bar cart. Serve wine in a carafe and place it as a centerpiece during a meal.

    Commuter drinkware is handy when you’re on the move and don’t have time to linger over your drink. If you need some on-the-go caffeine, pour your morning coffee in a travel mug on your way out the door. If you don’t have time to make your own beverage, bring a tumbler to your favorite cafe and refuel the reusable way while you pick up breakfast.

    To keep hydrated, put a water bottle in your bag, leave it in the car, or bring one to the field for a sporting match.

    During dinner, cap your wine with a tasteful customized bottle stopper before raising a toast with etched wine glasses decorated with wine charms.

    Add a personalized bottle opener to your home bar or select one as a useful housewarming gift idea for your new neighbors.

    Place a glass, can, or bottle in a cozy for added insulation with personality. Place some coasters along your bar, counter, and tables to help protect the wood and show off your style.