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  • Learn More About Coasters

    Coasters are used to protect your furniture from heat and moisture that can transfer from your favorite drinks, and they make a fun accent item for your home, too. Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party or enjoying your morning mug of coffee, placing a coaster under your glassware can save your tables and countertops and add a pop of color, pattern, or subtle sophistication at the same time.

    Finding the best drink coasters is easy, thanks to the variety of types, shapes, and other options from Etsy sellers. Look for a combination of functionality and style when choosing your coasters, considering the color scheme and decor of the room you’ll be using them in. Here are some of the common types of drink coasters you’ll find on your search:

    • Crochet coasters are casually stylish and can be washed if you’re dealing with dripping drinks.
    • Wood coasters are sturdy and available in a wide variety of finishes that can coordinate with your furniture or create a striking contrast—the choice is yours.
    • Leather coasters are durable and can withstand everyday use. Leather can be embossed with your initials or stand alone as an elegant addition to your room’s aesthetic.
    • Ceramic coasters are available in an impressive variety of designs and are an effective choice for absorbing moisture that forms on the outside of your glasses while sipping cold drinks.
    • Vintage coasters are unique and add a nostalgic accent to any room you use them in.
    • Personalized drink coasters make a great gift and can be printed, engraved, or embroidered with monograms, photos, or meaningful sayings.

    It’s delightful how a small item like a drink coaster can contribute to the ambiance of your home. There are countless colors, shapes, and designs to pick from, and they can easily add to the look of your room, whether you place sleek metal coasters in your home office or a brightly patterned contrasting mishmash of ceramic coasters in your boho-inspired living room.

    Celebrate the best of the season by swapping out your everyday coasters for a festive holiday set in the winter or opt for glass coasters decorated with pressed flowers to welcome spring. Consider a chic coaster holder to store your coasters neatly together or look for a set that comes with one. Pair your coasters with your favorite beverage and enjoy the little dose of style they deliver to your space.