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    Kitchen and table linens have been a timeless household staple since the Middle Ages. First used to catch spills and wipe hands, table linens are the precursor to napkins. During the Renaissance, servers began to offer guests a smaller cloth draped from their left arm between courses. These cloths eventually became a standard part of place settings, and napkins were born. Through the centuries, table linens became more elaborate, featuring intricate details or delicate hemstitches. Table linens were heirlooms frequently documented in family wills, passed down as a symbol of prosperity, longevity, and family bonds.

    Today, dining linens dress tables in creative and personal ways. Adorn your Thanksgiving table with intricate embroidered table linens. Add a touch of old-world charm to your dinner party with lace table linens, or set an anniversary dinner for two with your wedding table linens. No matter the occasion, sellers on Etsy have linens that will take your meal from simple to splendid.

    Table linens cover a wide range of dining accessories:

    • Placemats: Placemats protect the table directly beneath a plate from water marks, food stains, and heat damage. Available in a wide range of shapes, styles, and fabrics, matching a set of placemats with your china adds a touch of glamor to a table setting.
    • Tablecloths: The original table linen, tablecloths cover the entire table to simplify after-dinner cleanup and add charm to a table spread. From rectangular to oblong, create the perfect backdrop for your next shared meal with a custom tablecloth.
    • Napkins: Small and typically rectangular, linen napkins add a bit of elegance to your table setting. Cloth napkins are sturdy and stylish, offering a reusable alternative to paper napkins.
    • Table runners: Table runners are long, thin strips of linen that run down the middle of a table. Runners can be paired with tablecloths or used on their own as part of a memorable centerpiece.
    • Mug rugs: A combination of a coaster and a placemat, mug rugs provide the perfect place to set a mug of your favorite hot beverage. Use a mug rug for your coffee mug while slowly sipping on Sunday morning or when sharing a cup of mid-winter hot cocoa.

    Dress your table with everyday linens or special occasion linen sets to add festivity to any meal. Choose rectangular tablecloths or round table linens in different colors, fabrics, and embellishments to make your dishware pop. Bring out your holiday table linens with adorable stamped Santas or elegant embroidered holly for a big family dinner. Vintage table linens tell a story that weaves through the generations, while modern table linens bring an old-world tradition into the present, merging traditional custom with contemporary design. No matter what table you’re setting, shops on Etsy have a great selection of linens for that perfect finishing touch.