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  • Learn More About Lamp Shades

    Adding a decorative and unique lamp shade to your space instantly dials up the wow factor and can really tie a room together. Lamp shades are used on many different types of lighting including:

    Before purchasing a lamp shade, it’s important to check a seller’s listing details to confirm the measurements match your lamp and the amount of space you have to work with.

    • Diameter: Typically, the diameter of a lamp shade is measured at the widest point.
    • Height: The height of the lamp shade is also measured to the highest point so you know how tall your shade will be.
    • Thickness: If applicable, a seller may also provide the thickness of the material they used to craft the lamp shade. This measurement can give you an idea of the overall look of the shade.

    As you shop for a lamp shade to match your room, keep these tips in mind:

    • Material: Lamp shades can be made from fabric, metal, glass, wicker, or other unique materials like colored acrylic and bark.
    • Dimensions: Double check that the dimensions of the lamp shade are appropriate for your lamp base.
    • Style: Traditional lamp shades may be made from stained glass or patterned fabric, while unique shades may be a combination of modern fabrics, metal, and wood accents.
    • Attachment style: Some lamp shades clip to a light bulb, while other designs thread onto the lamp before you add a light bulb.