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    Use a desk name plate at the office to let clients and fellow co-workers know who you are and what you do. Many desk name plates that you’ll find on Etsy come in various colors, materials, and styles to make your desk space uniquely yours. Work with an artisan on Etsy to design a personalized desk name plate with your name, job title, or any other personal touch to create a welcoming environment in your workplace.

    Desk name plates can be used by anyone in almost every profession—from lawyers, bankers, and desk clerks to receptionists, company CEOs, and police detectives. Teachers’ desk name plates are a great way for young students to learn and remember teachers’ names. Doctors use desk name plates for identification and to let patients know their medical specialty. Looking for a great gift for your favorite professional? They’ll appreciate a handcrafted office desk name plate from a small shop on Etsy, no matter their occupation.

    On Etsy, you’ll find desk name plates made from all kinds of materials to suit your desk and office decor. Hand-carved wooden desk name plates add a friendly, warm, and welcoming vibe to your office space, or choose a sleek metal name plate in stainless steel, aluminum, or brass for a sophisticated touch. Want to add unique visual interest to your desk? Opt for a see-through acrylic, crystal, or glass name plate engraved with your name, title, and company logo.

    You’ll also find desk name plates in a variety of themes. Show off your sense of humor with a funny desk name plate, or keep things strictly professional with a contemporary plate.

    If your desk name plate doesn’t come with a holder, don’t fret—Etsy sellers have plenty of desk name plate holders to help keep your name plate in place, along with endless accessories to accent your workspace. Find a variety of holders in all colors, styles, and materials to match. Have a metal name plate? Pair it with a wooden holder to add an elegant look to your desk and office space. Many name plate holders also come with pen and business card holders, note holders, and even built-in mini desk clocks. These are especially handy for helping to keep your desk neat and organized.