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    Dry erase boards are made from a non-porous material that prevents the silicone polymer in dry erase markers from soaking into the surface. This combination allows the ink to be wiped away from the board’s surface with a dry eraser. Whether at work or home, dry erase boards, also called whiteboards, serve as a versatile place to create plans, find solutions, and share temporary information.

    Dry erase boards are a multifaceted tool designed to provide a fresh start whenever you need it. A framed weekly planner dry erase board hung in the kitchen helps keep tabs on the whole family’s extracurricular activities. Place a small dry erase board in your home office to track the due dates of your upcoming projects. A dry erase board with a stand is the perfect surface for playing a drawing guessing game with friends in the living room. From organization to creative flow, dry erase boards are the ultimate blank canvas.

    Dry erase boards come in a range of types and serve many purposes:

    • Magnetic: Magnetic dry erase boards stick to magnetic surfaces such as refrigerators, file cabinets, and metal storage shelves. Use a magnetic whiteboard to write out a weekly meal plan or keep track of the items in your storage totes in the garage.
    • Acrylic: Acrylic dry erase boards are usually transparent, providing a modern feel. Place an acrylic dry erase bulletin board in your mudroom to jot down important notes to remember on the way out the door, or keep one near your desk to remind yourself of creative solutions for tomorrow’s work day.
    • Planner: Dry erase planner boards are pre-set boards with permanent weekly or monthly calendars. Dry erase calendar boards allow you to quickly update information and often include additional sections for shopping lists, chores, reminders, and more.
    • Combination: Merging the function of cork, push-pin, and whiteboards, combination boards are a great way to organize tasks and household management. Pin the postcard from your vacationing friends right next to a reminder to take out the trash. Create a complete system of task management in one convenient space.
    • Custom: A custom dry erase board allows you to create your ideal system. Use a monthly dry erase board to record your upcoming work events. Hang a framed whiteboard in the craft room to make a thought cloud or vision board. No matter your focus, a customized whiteboard is an easy and productive way to keep on top of your goals.