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    Bulletin boards are surfaces intended for the display of public messages, often consisting of a frame and a material that allows flyers, pictures, and posters to be adhered with tacks or pins. Humans have been using message and bulletin boards to communicate with each other in one way or another since the 1800s, or back even further if you count graffiti scrawled on the walls of ancient cities. On Etsy, explore a wide selection of bulletin and message boards to use at home, your office, or anywhere you want to organize or display information.

    When you’re shopping for a new bulletin board, consider the different types that are available and how you will use it:

    • Cork bulletin boards: One of the most widely used message boards, cork bulletin boards let you spear push pins or tacks through whatever you want to hang onto and remember later.
    • Fabric message boards: Commonly made of felt, these bulletin boards feature a textile fabric stretched over a piece of foam and use pins or tacks for displaying papers or artwork.
    • Magnetic bulletin boards: Magnetic bulletin boards are a popular substitute for cork, as using magnets won’t eventually damage the board over time.

    Pair your new bulletin board with a chalkboard or dry erase board from shops on Etsy for a place to scribble a quick note or reminder when paper’s not available.

    Bulletin boards improve organization at home, school, and the office and can add a decorative touch to whatever you’re displaying. Here’s some inspiration for how to use your new bulletin board:

    • Photo display: Too many photos and not enough frames? Hang your favorite images of friends and family on a tufted bulletin board with vintage push pins for a timeless wall of fond memories. This also works for displaying greeting cards too.
    • Communication: Post a reminder about next week's appointment, a flier for that new musical you wanted to see, or coupons from your preferred grocery store. Wooden bulletin boards with clips instead of pins offer a stylish look without poking holes in important documents.
    • Calendar: Always forgetting your schedule? Calendar bulletin boards showcase everything you need to remember, loud and proud, with space to add details on custom post-it notes. These also work well for chore management.
    • Inspiration: Decorate your home office bulletin board with quotes, images, magazine pages, and affirmations to manifest your vision. Create a mood board for your bedroom that you can see when you wake up each morning and use as inspiration to start your day.
    • Accessory storage: Use a framed cork board for a stunning visual way to house and display your jewelry, pins, and patches.

    No matter how you want to put them to use, shops on Etsy have bulletin boards fit for all the papers, pictures, and tiny treasures you want to keep and display.