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    Office and desk storage consists of furniture pieces, organizational solutions, and gadgets that keep your workspace neat and tidy. Using office storage for a clean and clear desk facilitates productivity, boosts your focus, and nurtures creativity. Desk organization keeps your essentials like pens, paper, and reading glasses in designated spots—no more wasting precious time searching for paperclips or sticky notes. As a bonus, desk storage pieces from shops on Etsy look great, too.

    Shops on Etsy offer a universe of choices for office and desk storage types. Explore a few of the selections below for desk organization ideas:

    • Computer stands: Computer stands and monitor stands lift your laptop screen or computer monitor to a comfortable, easy-to-read level, and clear up space around and underneath your computer setup.
    • Office supplies organizer: Desk organizers are pieces of office storage furniture that provide small cubbies, shelves, drawers, and platforms to hold everything you need in one place. Some even double as charging stations with dedicated spots for your phone or other devices.
    • File organizers: File organizers offer a neat, simple, and stylish way to keep loose papers and important documents in order.
    • Business card holder: Stack your business cards with a bit of flair from the shops on Etsy. Hand out your custom calling cards after meetings or collect the most important ones from colleagues with business card holders designed with success in mind.
    • Pencil and pen holders: Pencil holders and pen holders make desk decoration easy, with the added benefit of keeping your favorite pen in arm’s reach when you need it most.

    Desk and office organization items are great gifts. Know someone who just started their own business? Want to get your new college student a little something to support their studies? Find a host of customizable desk and office organization decor pieces from talented designers on Etsy:

    • Nameplate: Show ‘em who’s the boss with a proudly displayed desk name plate.
    • Mouse pad: Custom mouse pads add a personal touch and protect desk surfaces from the hustle ‘n’ bustle of busy desk mice.
    • Bookends: Turn any surface into a tiny library with personalized bookends.
    • Custom desk sets: Custom desk sets bundle the benefits of separate office storage containers and offer plenty of personalized options.