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  • Learn More About Typewriters

    During the 1800s, many inventors tried their hand at creating a “writing machine.” It wasn’t until Christopher Latham Sholes took to the project in 1868 that the famous typewriter was created. Vintage typewriters revolutionized society over the next 50 years, simplifying and creating thousands of jobs. The first commercially available unit was the Model 1 Remington Typewriter. Enthusiasts may know that this first version had no shift key and typed only in capital letters. However, its keyboard was nearly identical to our QWERTY keyboards today, and over time was updated with shift, backspace, and number keys.

    You’ll find both manual and electric typewriters from sellers on Etsy. Manual typewriters don’t require electricity, instead using the pressure of your finger to apply ink to paper. These keyboards emit that oh-so-satisfying clack sound as you type and are loved by collectors and writers alike. Electric typewriters greatly improved the manual method, using electricity to power the keystrokes for smoother, more efficient typing.

    Of course, there would be no way to use your beloved typewriter without the correct ink and paper. Typewriter ink ribbons, just like printer ink, will eventually run out of juice. Pick up a new spool from a shop on Etsy, and refresh your work with a new color of ink. Ensure you have everything to type up a sonnet for your sweetheart with typewriter paper. For an extra touch of romance, use a sheet of handmade paper made with love, for the people you love.