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    Fire pits are designed to contain fire and keep it from spreading, making the flame a source of warmth and light. Fire pits frequently adorn porches, back patios, and camping spots burning wood or fuel like natural gas, propane, or bio ethanol. People have been gathering around fire for centuries, to eat, to drink, to tell stories, or to just spend time together. Continue the ancient tradition in your own backyard with a patio fire pit from sellers on Etsy.

    Shops on Etsy offer a wide range of fire pits types with multiple sizes and configurations. See a sampling of common fire pits below, and choose one you think will roast the best marshmallows or create the romantic ambience you’re after:

    • Table fire pit: Tabletop fire pits are usually smaller centerpieces meant for picnic tables and patio tables to spread some warmth and light during an outside meal. Some outdoor tables have fire pits built right in.
    • Fire pit ring: Common at campsites, fire pit rings set up a blockade for a fire pit dug into the ground.
    • Fire pit bowl: Fire pit bowls are very popular when digging out a pit isn’t feasible, like in smaller yards or paved areas. Some fire pit bowls are portable to easily transport to the next tailgate party.
    • Rocket stove: Based off of the Dakota fire pit style frequently recommended for survival scenarios, rocket stoves burn wood very efficiently by feeding oxygen to the flame, giving off lots of heat but little smoke.
    • Custom fire pits: Just about any of the above designs can be personalized. Work with a talented artisan on Etsy to have your unique design captured on a custom fire pit.

    A few fire pit accessories make lighting and maintaining a nice, roaring bonfire quick and easy:

    • Campfire starters: Stock up on handmade campfire starters from artists on Etsy for hassle-free and often aromatic fire light.
    • Fire pokers: Metal fire pokers are useful tools for fireplaces or fire pits that allow you to turn burning logs over or shift coals for better oxygen flow without getting too close to the heat.
    • Fire pit tool sets: Fire pit tool sets bundle helpful items like fire pokers, fire log tongs, and shovels together for added convenience.
    • Snuffer lids: Heavy-duty fire pit cover snuffer lids extinguish flames quickly and can serve as an outdoor patio table once cooled.
    • Log racks: Keep your firewood high and dry and safer from water damage and bugs with an outdoor log rack from shops on Etsy.