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  • Learn More About Mailboxes

    As you shop for a mailbox for your home, look for a design that blends both practicality and your personal style. The right mailbox for your home will depend on the type of mail you receive, what security requirements you may have, and the overall style of your home. You may be unsure of what you are looking for in a home mailbox.

    Your mailbox can double as a decorative house number for your home, especially if it’s located near the street. Planter mailboxes give you another spot to display your favorite foliage. Wall-mount mailboxes can be placed near your front door which makes it easy to grab the mail on your way back home.

    Now that you’ve chosen a type of mailbox, it’s time to pick an aesthetic. From modern metal creations to traditional bronze mailboxes, Etsy sellers create many unique styles to match the overall vibe of your house. Find a vintage mailbox, or a vintage-inspired mailbox newly made to look old. Many of the mailboxes on Etsy can be customized just for you, so it’s easy to find a piece that looks like it was always part of your home when you shop straight from small shops on Etsy.

    Post-mounted mailboxes are bolted onto a metal or wooden post which is secured into the ground. Often a simple design with one opening where you can insert and retrieve mail, this style of mailbox makes it easy for the mailman to deliver your post without having to walk all the way to your front door.

    Wall-mounted mailboxes are often mounted near your front door or to your front fence. These designs can be traditional with a top flap opening, or a cute mailbox in a fun shape or color.

    Some homes feature a mail slot rather than a traditional mailbox. These are often located as an opening in the front door but could be integrated into the wall, as well. Since the mail is placed through the slot, it can be helpful to add a small hanging basket to the door or wall below the slot to catch it before it falls to the floor.

    Handmade novelty mailboxes can be placed in a variety of locations, from the end of your driveway at the roadside, mounted on your gate, or against the wall next to your front door. These mailboxes are really about individual expression and handcrafted charm.

    Many of the mailboxes on Etsy can be customized with your name and address as well as the materials and colors you prefer. Some custom mailboxes can even be made as scale replicas of your main house! Often, you can select the font and placement for your name. The size of your mailbox can be customized, as well, so you can be sure you have the right amount of space for your letters and packages.