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    Whether you have an apartment balcony, a sprawling lawn, or a wooden deck, patio furniture is a great way to make the most of your outdoor space. Etsy shops sell a wide range of handmade and vintage patio furniture, from lounge chairs for relaxing in the fresh air to side tables to set down your icy drink to outdoor tables and chairs for dining under the stars.

    There are types of outdoor furniture materials to fit any design style and any outdoor space with an array of options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular.

    • Wooden patio furniture: Whether it's for lazing about or open-air dining, wooden patio furniture is a classic choice. From modern to rustic styles, wood patio furniture can be built from materials like sturdy oak or cedar and treated to hold up to outside weather conditions.
    • Bamboo patio furniture: Bamboo is a highly flexible cane plant that strongly resembles wood. One of the strongest plant materials out there, bamboo is sturdy and reliable, making it a popular medium for outdoor furniture.
    • Wicker patio furniture: Woven wicker is a longstanding favorite among outdoor furniture enthusiasts. Made by weaving together durable plant fibers, like bamboo or strips of willow, wicker is the oldest method of making furniture.
    • Rattan patio furniture: Rattan furniture is a specific style of wicker made from strips of cane plants called climbing palms. Rattan is highly prized for its strength, flexibility, and durability.

    If you're going to set up an outdoor living space, it’s helpful to have a place for outdoor storage, and Etsy sellers make a variety of storage solutions that can fit seamlessly into your backyard aesthetic. If you love to grill and have an outdoor kitchen area, it can be a place to stash your grilling tools. If lawn games are part of how you spend time outside, an outdoor storage box can hold everything you need to challenge your neighbor to some friendly bocce competition. It’s also handy for storing outdoor cushions during the off season or when a storm starts. You can even find patio furniture with storage to keep your loose items out of sight until you need them.