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    Indoor planters are a great way to sprinkle your home with foliage. Outdoor planters allow you to place flora in areas other than gardens or landscaping beds, like walkways, patios, or entryways. Outdoor pots are typically made with sturdy materials and finishes that withstand outdoor elements. Indoor planters often feature intricate, delicate designs and finer materials unsuitable for temperature fluctuation.

    Make a dramatic statement in your foyer with vintage indoor planters. Create welcoming curb appeal with tall terracotta garden planters flanking your front door. Bring vibrancy and charm to every corner of your home—inside and out—with pots and planters from sellers on Etsy.

    There are planter pots for every area of your home or outdoor space. Consider where your planter will be placed and what aesthetic you’re going for—a wall of green, a cute corner pop of color, or a lush oasis? Then, choose the type of planter pot that fits your vision:

    • Floor planters: Floor planters sit directly on the floor or a smooth, paved surface. Fill the empty corner of your living room with a custom floor planter, or place large outdoor plant pots on either side of your garage door to add a pop of botanical beauty to your driveway.
    • Hanging planters: Hanging planters hang from ceilings, posts, or beams using plastic cables, ropes, or macrame holders. Hang a gorgeous flowering vine above your bathtub to create a serene spa-like vibe. Line your covered porch with hanging Boston ferns to add privacy and pizzazz.
    • Planters with stands: Featuring innovative shapes, heights, and configurations, planters with stands elevate your houseplants. Add a trio of planters with stands in varying heights to your hallway to create a stunning visual.
    • Wall planters: Wall planters turn ordinary houseplants into an ever-changing work of art. They hang directly against the wall and display trailing plants, succulents, or colorful flowers.

    Whether you’re filling your outdoor space with perennials or bringing a sense of nature indoors, caring for houseplants ensures their long life and continued elegance. Follow these tips to keep your potted plants healthy and happy:

    • Use less water: Avoid flooding your potted plants by using watering cans or misters. If too much water enters the soil, it doesn’t have anywhere to go and is absorbed by the plant, making it wilted and pale. Lightly moistening the soil is your best bet for happy house plants.
    • Provide the right light: For tropical plants, pick places throughout your home where the sun’s direct path hits your plants. If you’re low on organic light, pick flora that thrives in indirect sunlight, or give your photosynthesizing friends sunbaths as needed.
    • Trim and tend: Use planter trimmers to keep your foliage free from dying leaves or stems. Trimming back plants makes them fuller and heartier and allows you to influence their shape and form.
    • Refresh and replace: The soil in your planter can’t be rejuvenated by the natural cycle that occurs outdoors. Add plant food and fresh soil to your potted plants to replenish the nutrients they crave.

    Fill your home with a mix of boho-inspired large indoor planters. Create a cottagey feel on your back deck with handmade outdoor flower pots. No matter what pots and planters will complete your decor, you’ll find the right vessels to make your greenery glisten on Etsy.