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    Food storage containers are both functional and decorative, keeping your kitchen organized and looking sharp. Think of a set of colorful containers perched on a shelf or rows of glass spice jars neatly labeled in a spice rack.

    Keep some large food storage containers for organizing your bulk items, or use glass food storage containers for leftovers or meal planning. For fur-loving friends, instead of stuffing an enormous, heavy bag of chow into a tiny pantry, try using storage containers for pet food to make feeding Fido as easy as shaking cereal into a bowl.

    While a walk-in pantry can be as luxurious as a walk-in closet, not everyone is blessed with oodles of space for their sweet sneaks and epic spice wall. Food storage cabinets for the kitchen are like pantries without the hassle of ripping out walls and making a whole new closet. Many cabinets are free-standing to fit in various nooks or wall-mounted to save on floor space. They add a touch of decor with useful shelving to house your dry goods and more.

    From containers for leftovers to display racks and pantry cabinets, sellers on Etsy offer a range of different ways to store and display your food:

    • Glass food storage containers: For an eco-friendly, durable, and easy-to-clean option, try glass containers for your leftovers, meal planning, and lunch packing needs. Double down with some beeswax wrap and never use plastic wrap again.
    • Canisters sets: From coffee, tea, and sugar to hot chocolate and biscuits, a decorative canister makes everything taste just like Grandma used to make.
    • Wine racks: Whether you’re a rosé all day type or prefer sipping a big, bold red, a rack on the counter or mounted on the wall shows off your favorite vintages.
    • Spice racks: Keep your herbs and spices in order with a variety of spice rack options that beautifully display your seasonings and tells your guests you’re not afraid of a little hot paprika.
    • Bread bags and bread boxes: These often-overlooked gems keep your bread fresher for longer.
    • Potato bins: Keeping food in a cool, dry place can be tricky depending on your living situation, but these freestanding cabinets help prevent potatoes, onions, and other root vegetables from sprouting prematurely.
    • Fruit baskets: Some fruits like apples, bananas, and melons produce ethylene, which speeds up spoilage of other fruits and vegetables like avocados, lemons, and onions. Keep these spoilage-speeders away from your goods with baskets, fruit hammocks, or fruit bowls.