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    Clothing storage is essential for keeping clothes organized, in good condition, and ready to wear. It also helps when you have limited room in your closet, or simply don’t have a closet to keep them in. Clothing storage offers a handy way to organize seasonal apparel, like stashing winter clothes in storage containers until the weather turns chilly. Or, if you’re sorting out clothes you no longer wear, organize them into storage bins or bags until you’re ready to re-home them.

    When it comes to types of clothing storage to choose from, there are many options:

    • Clothes storage bins: Storage bins are a great way to organize and declutter your clothes. Stack them in your bedroom closet, under the bed, or keep them in the basement, garage, or anywhere else you store items. Discover storage bins in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials to suit your decor and storage needs.
    • Clothes storage bags: Storage bags for clothes are ideal for neatly storing and protecting garments such as suits, wedding attire, prom dresses, and other formal wear. Many clothing bags come with hangers so you can hang your bag in the closet. They are also portable, which makes traveling a breeze—simply fold and put in your suitcase or carry them on their own.
    • Clothing storage racks: Clothing storage racks are great for small bedrooms and guest rooms, or areas without closets. Choose from freestanding rod racks for a modern, minimalist look, covered storage racks to help keep clothes hidden and dust-free, rolling garment racks for easy moveability, and clothing racks with shelves for additional storage.

    There are countless types of clothes hangers, each designed for different kinds of clothes. For instance, pants hangers feature a trouser bar to keep them neat and uncreased. Sweater hangers are narrow at the shoulder area of the hanger, to prevent delicate knits and fabrics from stretching. And while any type of hanger will do for shirts and dresses, notched versions keep them from sliding off—which is especially useful for strappy tops and dresses.

    You’ll find clothes hangers in different materials that are not only functional but decorative, too. Wire and plastic hangers are ideal for hanging lightweight clothing and come in various colors and sizes. Wooden hangers are sturdy, great for heavier clothes, and add style to your closet. Need a hanger that can handle your delicates? Velvet, satin, or fabric hangers will do the job nicely.

    Browse shops on Etsy to find a variety of space-saving and custom-made hangers to add a personalized touch to your wardrobe.