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    The best office storage system is the one that meets your storage needs. Good storage and organization solutions are particularly important for efficiency and productivity in your home office. They help you keep clutter to a minimum, stay organized, and quickly find everything you need. Sellers on Etsy offer a wide variety of office storage and organization solutions like storage furniture, desk storage, and office storage boxes that you can use to create a setup that works for you.

    Getting your office desk organized is easier with the right desk accessories. Some of the most common types of desk office storage solutions are:

    • Desk organizers: A desk organizer is a compact desktop organization station that holds office supplies, stationery, small electronics, and more.
    • Computer stands: A computer stand or shelf is a desktop accessory that elevates your laptop or monitor above the table surface, giving you more room for office supplies.
    • Card holders: If you have your own business cards, then a desktop card holder will keep your cards accessible right when you need them.

    Shelves and hooks provide an excellent way to use the available wall space in your home office. This is especially beneficial in smaller spaces or if you have a lot of office supplies. Consider installing some office storage shelves above your desk so that you can easily reach supplies. Wall hooks also come in handy for keeping smaller odds and ends off your desk and clearing up your workspace.

    Office storage cabinets offer extra storage to help you stay organized and keep your desk free of clutter. Find a storage cabinet for the office in a size and design that fits your available office space and storage needs. Some come in tall, narrow designs with as many as six or eight drawers that make use of vertical space while others come with wide and spacious drawers that will easily fit all of your paperwork and office supplies.

    Office storage containers help you organize your desktop, desk drawers, cabinets, and office shelves. Some storage container types to consider for your office include:

    • Storage bins: Use larger bins on lower desk shelves or inside cabinets to hold papers and bulkier items while keeping them stored away.
    • Storage baskets: Decorative baskets are great for holding smaller supplies on your desktop or on your open shelving.
    • Catchalls: Elegant leather catchalls hold your wallet, keys, watch, glasses, and other trinkets while adding a touch of class to your desk.

    Vintage and antique desk accessories come in some of the most beautiful designs and can bring a touch of charm to your desktop. Spruce up your office desk storage with accessories like a vintage desktop organizer, a mid-century modern letter rack, or an Art Deco card holder. Or, pick up an inkwell that you may not use as originally intended, but that acts as a unique piece of decor and conversation starter.