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    Toy storage organizers are a tidy way to store the menagerie of toys your children own while keeping them easily accessible and ready for the next round of play. From books to stuffed animals to action figures and board games, toy storage options help keep your home looking neat when playtime is over and help keep similar types of toys together. For example, when it’s time to play with dolls, all the characters and their accessories can come out of their storage organizer, ready for make believe action. Not just for function, toy storage can also add a splash of fun decor to your living room, child’s playroom, or any other area where toys are stored.

    Etsy sellers craft an array of toy storage organizers that make post-play cleanup a breeze. Some of the most popular types are:

    • Toy storage bins: Ideal for large quantities of toys that can be stacked or slotted into one another, toy storage bins come in a rainbow of styles and sizes to suit any room. Whether it be a laundry bin-sized organizer or a row of smaller bins to slide beneath your children’s beds to save space, durable bins minimize clutter without interfering with the aesthetic of your home. Bins are also handy for bath toy storage to declutter your bathroom.
    • Toy storage benches: As one of the best cubby storage types for toys, toy storage benches multi-task by being both organizers and seats. Pop the seat to find a spacious amount of room for all types of toys, and simply set the seat back into place for a convenient spot to read books.
    • Toy storage shelves: From nurseries to rooms for older children, these sturdy open-faced designs encourage tidiness while offering an engaging way for kids to learn how to put their own toys back.
    • Toy storage baskets: The simple basket is a quintessential toy storage organizer. Wrangle toys from various rooms with ease simply by placing them in a handy basket.
    • Toy storage bags: Kids love nothing more than to haul their favorite toys around with them. Keep this tendency neat and tidy with stylish toy storage bags, which come in a variety of shapes and patterns to best suit your child’s taste.
    • Wood toy boxes: From rustic toy boxes to wooden storage chests that look more like cabinets and blend in seamlessly with the rest your furniture, Etsy shops make beautiful toy boxes for stashing dolls, action figures, and stuffed animals. Some Etsy sellers offer custom toy storage options in your desired size and materials. Some will even personalize them with your child’s name.