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    Storage and organization are a dynamic duo, thwarting clutter villains at every turn. Maintaining a state of order at home is easier when you’ve got a designated space to store certain items. When it comes to decorating and organizing, you can invent a system that works well for you and matches your home decor style. Keep your items out of view in clever hide-away storage options for minimalist interiors or integrate your storage units into the decor, like some handmade hardwood shelves to match your rustic interior. With many beautifully crafted items, sellers on Etsy have creative storage solutions that work hard for you and help keep your home tidy and looking its best.

    Wall storage frees up valuable floor space, making rooms feel bigger while filling empty wall space with interesting and useful storage solutions. Shelves are an easy way to display meaningful items and come in many styles and materials to suit your interior decor theme.

    From mid-century modern handmade from beautiful hardwood to minimalist and rope-and-twine macrame, shelf styles vary to accommodate different tastes and suit different room aesthetics.

    Add hooks and fixtures to hang keys, jackets, and hats for a speedy dash out the door, or hang bath towels to await you after washing up.

    From trunks and hanging bags to boxes and bins, sellers on Etsy can help you collect all of those little bits and bobs into one neat and tidy place. Collect blankets, pet supplies, or towels in a basket by the door corner and gather your kiddos sprawling toy collection in fun toy storage solutions like hammocks for their stuffies or plush crib organizers. Use jewelry storage like boxes and organizers to organize your treasures in decorative and personalized style.

    Garages take a beating sometimes, as many household items end up banished there. Whisk away garage clutter with a few well-chosen storage items. Garage storage like racks for tools, hangers for skis and snowboards, and bike racks keep gear off the ground and leave space for other things.

    Include some outdoor storage, like a shed for fishing and gardening supplies and mount hooks for your bike or scooter.

    Organizing your clothing after a big laundry session can be as easy as adding a closet organizer. Hanging an organizer gives your items a home to return to and makes getting ready easier by keeping everything in its place.

    After a night out, kick your shoes off, put them on a shoe rack, and toss everything into a laundry hamper to be washed later. Once clean, back into the organizer they go, or use hangers and other clothes storage to keep nice shirts and dresses from wrinkling so they’re primed for the next outing.

    Having cabinets and food storage options in your kitchen makes it look like a ready-to-serve restaurant with some of your favorite foods on display. Choose between spices or multiple kinds of pasta with ease, and when you’re finished cooking, don’t forget bins for recycling and trash to tidy it all up.