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  • Learn More About Anklets

    Anklets are a stylish accessory, no matter the season. They’re a favorite in the summer when hemlines are shorter and vacations are plentiful. There’s no need to tuck your anklet away as the chill sets in. Anklets pair well with ankle length jeans and booties. Plain gold anklets and silver anklets are versatile accessories that look great with most outfits. The layering trend doesn’t stop with necklaces and bracelets—it’s popular for anklets, too. Anklets can also be designed with initial charms, just like necklaces and bracelets. Etsy sellers create customized anklets with names and you can personalize your anklet by choosing the material, style, letters, charms, and more.

    Choose from a variety of customizable anklet styles from Etsy sellers and create a piece you’ll love. You can select the material your anklet is made from—options include natural-feeling fibers like hemp, waxed cotton thread, and stylish metals like gold and silver. Choose from a range of designs, from simple, single strand gold anklets that are perfect for everyday wear to dazzling diamond anklets for special occasions. Create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special by designing an anklet with initials or a customized name anklet. Initials of loved ones, including children, are popular, but you can also include a special word or initials to represent a group of friends.