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    Arm bands—also known as armlets, arm cuffs, arm rings, and bicep bracelets— are usually made of metals such as gold, silver, and pewter to adorn the upper arm. Humans have been wearing arm bands since the Bronze Age, often as a sign of rank or status. Modern arm bands can be as simple as a single curve or as intricate as inlays and ornaments.

    Arm bands suit both formal and casual looks.

    • Wear a single arm band for an elegant touch, or stack a few for an almost armored effect.
    • Feel strong and funky with some chunky arm bands.
    • Bright embellishments add pizzazz to an otherwise dreary outfit (or day!).
    • Metal arm bands create an air of mystery.
    • Leather arm bands call forth an adventurer’s spirit.
    • Pair arm bands with rings and bracelets in different styles for an eclectic look.

    Dress arm bands up for a night out with a cocktail dress or strappy top, or keep it casual and show one off with a tank and jeans. No matter how you style them, arm bands add a special touch to make your look uniquely yours.

    Arm bands make well-loved gifts for anyone who loves avant-garde fashion with an ancient twist. For a fresh take on friendship bracelets, commission an artist on Etsy to make custom arm bands for your besties to broadcast your bond. Heading to a comics convention? Arm band accessories add authentic detailing to just about any costume, from superhero to steampunk. Think you’ve met The One? Pop the question with a vintage arm band as a big, bold take on an old classic.