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    Hair jewelry includes beads, cuffs, threads, and other adornments that you can add to your hairstyle for just about any occasion. Create a real statement by wearing a dazzling piece of head jewelry, or opt for a minimalist brass loc cuffs or braid jewelry. Some hair jewelry designs on Etsy can be customized to match your outfit or event theme; simply request a custom order from a small shop or look for personalization options on the listing page.

    From simple to statement, discover beautiful handcrafted hair jewelry from talented artisans on Etsy. Whether you’re looking for a traditional piece of hair jewelry like a headband or barrette or something special like a tiara or hair rings for your braided hairstyle, here are a few of the most popular types of hair jewelry:

    • Hair jewelry for braids: Designed for both temporary styles like a fishtail braid or a more permanent style like box braids or dreadlocks, this hair jewelry often features cuffs, beads, and dangly accents.
    • Hair bun accessories: Give a simple wrapped bun a stylish upgrade with an accessory like a wrap-bow, understated metal bun pins, or a cuff-and-pin bun holder.
    • Hair rings: These narrow, adjustable rings are designed to slide into the grooves of your braid or twist hairstyle and can be simple metal bands or more intricate designs featuring engraving and gemstone accents.
    • Headpieces: Crowns, halos, and tiaras all make a serious statement and draw attention to your hairstyle of choice. This type of hair jewelry is a popular choice for formal events and brides.
    • Headbands: There’s nothing basic about this traditional hair accessory when you shop from independent sellers on Etsy. From plush fabrics, intricate weaves and knots, and bold patterns, these designs turn headbands into hair jewelry.