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    Lip rings come in many styles, shapes, and materials, and sellers on Etsy have created ever-expanding collections of unique lip rings styles to help you express yourself. Below are a few of the most popular designs available:

    • Lip hugger: A lip hugger, or lip ring hoop, is a full metal circle—typically without additional embellishment—that wraps around your lip. They can be worn as center or side lip rings.
    • Labret: Labrets are small studs that pair well with a labret piercing located directly below the center of your bottom lip.
    • Stud: Lip ring studs can be used in many piercings and often include gems and jewels. They have a straight back, similar to stud earrings.
    • Spiral barbell: Spiral barbells come in a spiral shape with two bearings on either end. The curve around the lip, with the open ends facing out on the exterior of the mouth.
    • Faux: If you don’t have a lip piercing but want to add lip rings to your accessory collection, try fake lip rings. They come in many styles, including wrap and magnetic, to create the look you want without the trip to the piercing chair.

    One of the most important factors in a good fit for a lip ring is getting the right lip ring size. When you get your lip pierced, your piercer picks the correct size or gauge based on the location of the piercing and the overall size and shape of your lip. Most rings come in three sizes—18, 16, and 14 gauge. The gauge refers to the overall thickness of the ring. As the gauge number increases, the ring size gets smaller. Use the gauge size to find various styles of lip rings that fit well and look fantastic.

    Remember to consider your particular piercing when choosing a ring. A hoop won’t work with a medusa piercing, but a stud or spike lip ring will. Shops on Etsy have a wide range of lip rings, making it simple to find the perfect addition to your collection.