Nose Rings & Studs

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    Nose rings are popular body jewelry choices, and today’s trends are all about layering, mixing, and stacking rings and studs in unique ways. From simple diamond studs to classic hoop nose rings, find nose rings in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, and designs from Etsy artisans.

    • Custom: Customization is self-expression of the highest order, and you can personalize different types of nose rings by working with a seller on Etsy to select the style, materials, gemstones, and more for your new custom nose ring.
    • Stud: Double piercings are super stylish, and mixing a stud nose ring and a hoop nose ring is a bold way to wear this trend. You can dress up a single traditional hoop nose ring by swapping it with a diamond nose hoop.
    • Chain: For a bold, edgy look, consider working nose ring chains into your ensemble. These twinkling chains link piercings together, like a septum to a nasal, nose piercing to ear piercing, or the popular chain across the bridge of one’s nose.

    Wondering if a nose ring is for you, or perhaps you’re not quite ready to commit to a piercing? Find a fake nose ring from a shop on Etsy and give it a try.

    Make a temporary change by choosing a fake nose ring that slides right on so you can see how you like the look. Fake nose rings are great to sample some of the latest trends in piercings, like adding a second hoop or stud to your nostril or trying a septum piercing on for size. Fake nose studs stay in place using magnets instead of a traditional post design, so it’s easy to place them exactly where you like without worrying they’ll fall out. If a classic hoop nose ring is the look you’re going for, shop a variety of fake nose ring hoops on Etsy that slide right on and adjust easily.

    Mix up your nose-ring collection by adding a nose ring featuring titanium, rose gold, gemstones, a mix of materials, or an intricate engraved design. Give your older hoop nose ring new life and a unique spin by shopping for styles featuring rhinestones, engraving, or additional hoops. Septum rings and nose cuffs are popular choices, and sellers on Etsy can personalize these picks to create a unique nose ring just for you. Rhinestone nose rings are beautiful, add some sparkle to your everyday look, and look stylish for special occasions.

    If you can’t decide on just one gemstone, you can mix and match rhinestone colors and an Etsy seller will create a handcrafted design of cute nose rings for you. Double-hoop nose rings and hoops featuring diamonds or a single stone are a fresh take on classic hoops and a fun way to mix things up a bit.