Shoulder Jewelry

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    Shoulder jewelry is a type of body jewelry that decorates the shoulders or decolletage with glittering, delicate accents. Often featuring a choker at the neckline or a chain across the chest and back of the shoulders, shoulder jewelry drapes over the shoulders similar to a cap sleeve.

    Shoulder chain jewelry is an eye-catching way to dress up your favorite halter tops and sleeveless dresses. Level up a festival outfit with an intricate chain neck piece, live your most epic, heroic fantasy with metal shoulder pieces, or complete your next fairy costume with shoulder chain jewelry and a shimmering wreath.

    Delicate gold shoulder jewelry adds a unique twist to your next night out, especially when matched with gold bangles. Subtle shoulder jewelry is suitable for any day you feel like having a bit of extra sparkle, while bold shoulder jewelry is best for those statement-making Saturday nights.