Body Jewelry

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    There are lots of options when it comes to facial jewelry. Here are a few of the popular choices of body jewelry for men and women.

    • Earrings: You can find a wide variety of jewelry styles for all the parts of your ear, including ear cuff jewelry.
    • Nose piercings: These can range from delicate studs—in all shapes and sizes—to both minimalist and ornate gold, silver, and titanium rings.
    • Lip rings: Whether you have a medusa, labret, or a double snake bite piercing, you can find styles that range from barely-there studs and rings to those decked out with crystals and charms.
    • Septum piercings: These piercings run the gamut from minimalist silver or gold septum rings to more elaborate designs featuring gemstones, chains, and metalwork.
    • Cheek piercings: Also known as a dimple piercing, these are typically worn with a flat-backed labret stud or barbell.

    Depending on your piercing, there’s a wide variety of jewelry you can wear.

    • Rings: There are many styles of rings for multiple parts of the body, including horseshoe, captive bead, seam, segment, and clickers. They also come in many materials and colors, to match every style and occasion.
    • Studs: These are the go-to choice for lots of piercings and are available in countless designs, from classic gold and silver studs to playful designs handcrafted from clay.
    • Chains: Gold and silver chains can be incorporated into all kinds of body jewelry, from statement earrings and nose rings to delicate belly chains.
    • Plugs: Used for ear stretching, plugs are popular for their alternative look. On Etsy, you can find a wide variety of plugs to fit your style, from resin gauges with real flowers to acrylic plugs showing pop-culture pictures to engraved wood and shiny stone and crystal designs.
    • Barbells: These are often used in a variety of piercings, including tongue piercings. They come in a variety of sizes on Etsy, from simple styles in a variety of colors to those with playful charms.