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    You’ll find a wide variety of beaded bracelets to help bring your personal style to life. As you shop, here are some of the most popular types of beaded bracelets:

    • Friendship: Beaded friendship bracelets take the classic braided style and make them ultra-personal with colored and patterned beads. Friendship bracelets are popular among teenagers, men, and women.
    • Stretch: Beads are strung with elastic cord that expands to slip over your wrist. Stretch beaded necklaces usually do not have a clasp.
    • Multi-strand: Whether made with three, five, or eight strands, a multi-strand beaded bracelet is a bold fashion accessory. Beads are strung on cord, wire, or elastic, and the rows are fastened together at the ends.
    • Woven: Tiny beads are woven into intricate, colorful patterns. They can even be formed into a bangle bracelet.
    • Charm: A beaded charm bracelet includes cute charms of various shapes and sizes. Examples of charms include shells, handbags, shoes, and musical instruments. Charm bracelets can be oversized or delicate.
    • Macrame: Macrame beaded bracelets use various knots and weaving techniques to create a natural fiber band that can also include beads and other charms.
    • Gemstone: Gemstones add rich color and sparkle to a beaded bracelet. Plus, some gems have symbolic meanings or are used as birthstones.
    • Braided: Three or more cords are braided with beads spaced throughout the bracelet. Thicker cords and larger beads create a dramatic look, while small beads and thin cords add subtle style.
    • Clay: A polymer clay beaded bracelet adds a pop of color to your look. You can coordinate these cheerful bead bracelets with your clothes.
    • Gold: A gold beaded bracelet creates a classic vibe. This style adds elegance to jeans and completes an office look.

    The industry standard bracelet size is 7 inches for women and 8 inches for men. Bead bracelet sizes, however, can vary from 6 inches to 9 or 10 inches.

    To measure your bracelet size, you’ll need:

    • String, ribbon, or yarn
    • Pen or marker
    • Ruler

    Then, follow these steps:

    1. Wrap the string around your wrist, just above your wrist bone or where you’d like to wear your bracelet.
    2. Mark where the end of the string reaches.
    3. Remove the string from your wrist and lay the string against a ruler.
    4. Measure the marked length with the ruler.

    Another method is to simply wrap a flexible measuring tape around your wrist and note the length.

    For the just-right fit, add:

    • 1/4 inch for a snug fit
    • 1/2 inch for a comfortable fit
    • 3/4 inch for a loose-fitting bead bracelet

    You can personalize a beaded bracelet by adding beads that spell a name, significant word, or initials. Many sellers on Etsy work with you to customize the color or type of bead, too. Beaded name bracelets are a popular personalized style. If you’d like to create your own beaded bracelet, Etsy sellers create unique beads for bracelets and instructions on how to make beaded bracelets. Whether it’s a gift for someone else or for yourself, a custom beaded bracelet adds sentimental value to a unique piece of jewelry.